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News and Events

December 2015 
28/12/2015 Suited & compliant for all Businesses - the Perfect Partner
22/12/2015 J-Tech, Saves & Protects. Free Festive Gift!
21/12/2015 AQUOS Season of Magical Giveaways!
17/12/2015 See Everything! Hear Everything! with Sharp Cloud Smarthome System
15/12/2015 Christmas 2015 & Chinese New Year 2016 Free Gift Campaign
01/12/2015 Eco-friendly with R410A gas technology. Breath easy with built-in Plasmacluster Ions. But, better hurry with the PWP!
October 2015 
12/10/2015 The World's 1st Mosquito Catcher Air Purifier!
05/10/2015 Eco-friendly with R410A gas technology. Breath easy with built-in Plasmacluster Ions. But, better hurry with the freebies!
September 2015 
18/09/2015 Gear up NOW with SHARP ECR and POS
08/09/2015 Dynamic Drive Inverter. DD inverter Washing Machine
August 2015 
14/08/2015 Safe. Secure. Smart. Protect Your Family Just Got Easier
12/08/2015 Unleash The You Dimension
01/08/2015 Breathe Air As Pure & Fresh From Nature! Trade in Promotion
July 2015 
03/07/2015 Breathe Air As Pure & Fresh From Nature! Trade in Promotion
03/07/2015 A deal so huge everyone wants one! RM6,888 for 60" LC-60LE90X
Jun 2015 
15/06/2015 Resipi Sehebat Sharp & Harian Metro "Masak Sedap Hidup Sihat"
15/06/2015 Raya Free Gifts Campaign from 15 Jun - 31 July 2015
10/06/2015 CREATED FOR SECURITY. ENGINEERED FOR LIFE Raya special package
May 2015 
19/05/2015 With Sharp J-TECH Refrigerator, you can saves and protects.
01/05/2015 When power meets precision, you experience cooling comfort like never before.
01/05/2015 Goodbye dirty air. Hello cool clean air.
April 2015 
10/04/2015 AWESOME DEALS! in conjunction with  Motherhood Expo 2015
February 2015 
24/02/2014 Sharp Plasmacluster AR app
01/02/2014 Sharp Cloud Smarthome System - Created for security. Engineered for life.
December 2014 
15/12/2014 Xmas & CNY free gifts campaign from 15 Dec 2014 - 28 Feb 2015
03/12/2014 SHARP J-TECH - Saves & Protects
November 2014 
15/11/2014 Fight No More! We are giving you comforters 2 for FREE!
11/11/2014 SHARP unveils Cloud SmartHome System, the next generation cloud based security system touted for the masses
October 2014 
29/10/2014 The Bigger Deal! In conjunction with the prestigious CIMB Classic 2014
27/10/2014 Sharp J Tech Inverter Technology
September 2014 
22/09/2014 Sharp LED Eco Lighting Management!
17/09/2014 Sharp Quattron Pro! Go Beyond!
17/09/2014 Gear up NOW with Sharp ECR and POS
August 2014 
18/08/2014 "My MALAYSIA! My SHARP!" Promotion
July 2014 
14/07/2014 Go Real with Sharp Sharp AR!
01/07/2014 Sharp Raya Free Gift Campaign 2014
Jun 2014 
06/06/2014 Sharp Love.Life Plasmacluster Campaign
01/06/2014 Sharp AQUOS Raya Free Gift Promotion
May 2014 
15/05/2014 Sharp Roadshow - Gawai & Football Fiesta , Keaamatan & Football Fiesta
02/05/2014 Stay cool, save energy ... with SHARP
April 2014 
11/04/2014 In Trend with SHARP rodashow @ Midvalley megamall, 14th - 20th April 2014
March 2014 
06/03/2014 Healthy Living Fair@Bangsar Village, From 7th - 16th March 2014
03/03/2014 Air Has Never Felt So Comfortable with Sharp's "Comfort ECO" series air conditioners
Feb 2014 
13/02/2014 Sharp AQUOS BOARD available from as low as RM980 per month*
12/02/2014 Love Life - Everybody gets together at the fridge
12/02/2014 Haze outside...Safe inside! "Now with HAZE Mode!"
10/02/2014 A-Force is here to take customer service for air conditioner to the next level!
Jan 2014 
01/01/2014 Sharp Chinese New Year Free Gift Campaign 2014
Dec 2013 
24/12/2013 Sharp New Year Roadshow 2014
15/12/2013 Big Details BIG AQUOS
02/12/2013 From Water to Superheated Steam, You can Roast, Bake, Grill and Steam
01/12/2013 Sharp Christmas and Chinese New Year Free Gift Campaign 2013
Nov 2013 
27/11/2013 Sharp Your No.1 CHOICE in REFRIGERATOR!
12/11/2013 Sharp Air Conditioners! Cool Choices!
12/11/2013 No Holes! For Better Performance?
Oct 2013 
16/10/2013 Big AQUOS, Big Excitement! Snap & Win Contest!
16/10/2013 Sharp comes on board as Official Audio Visual to CIMB Classic
02/10/2013 Sharp proud to be Official Audio Visual to Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia
Sep 2013 
24/09/2013 Dolphin Inspired Pulsator For The Best in Washing Performance
17/09/2013 For health & beauty testimonial from Jack Lim & Jeff Chin
09/09/2013 Sharp for Sure! You Are Assured Of Trusted Quality & Reliability In Every SHARP Innovation!
04/09/2013 Sharp AQUOS BOARD available from as low as RM980 per month
15/07/2013 Sharp PCI call in radio MY FM contest
12/07/2013 Sharp BIG RAYA festive freebies campaign
26/07/2013 Sharp Raya Roadshow at JB City Square, Johor Bahru
19/07/2013 Sharp Raya Roadshow at BP Mall, Batu Pahat
10/07/2013 Sharp Raya Roadshow at Midvalley Shopping Mall, KL
03/07/2013 Sharp Raya Roadshow at KB Mall, Kota Bahru
June 2013 
24/06/2013 Big AQUOS, experience true virtual reality. From only RM4,999
20/06/2013 Haze outside... Safe inside!
06/06/2013 Healsio Superheated Steam Oven
04/06/2013 My Gadget In The Car Is More Than A Gadget In The Car from Blogger Jason
May 2013 
23/05/2013 Gawai Fest Roadshow at Kuching, Sarawak
17/05/2013 Kaamatan Fest Roadshow at KK, Sabah
15/05/2013 Eclipse Washing Machine
10/05/2013 Not just cool air but pure air - air conditioner
April 2013  
22/04/2013 What’s Up, Aquos! from Blogger Jason
04/04/2013 Blog by The Pink Stillettos - Sharp Plasmacluster Workshop
03/04/2013 Blog by Cheeserland - Inhale sharply!
03/04/2013 Blog by Bobostephanie - Fresh Air By Sharp
03/04/2013 Blog by Ceeramoon - Plamacluster Ion Generator
03/04/2013 Blog by The-Kins - Fresh Air For Everyone!
02/04/2013 Blog by Kampungboycitygal - Of fresh air & beautiful skin
02/04/2013 60" LED TV @RM4,999 only + PWP! Sharp Soundbar Home Theatre System with Wireless Sub-Woofer @ only RM799
March 2013 
30/03/2013 Blog by Jason - Youtube & mirroring on my Sharp Aquos!
01/03/2013 Blog by Jason - I’ve Got Clean Air & Karaoke In My Car
01/03/2013Sharp Share Contest - Share a photo of you and your SHARP product & stand a chance to win Sharp Products worth $3000 US dollars!
January 2013 
01/01/2013Chinese New Year Free Gift Promotion Campaign
01/12/2012X-Mas Sales Returns Promotion
09/08/2012Exclusive Aidilfitri Rewards Roadshow
19/06/2012Sharp Journey to EURO Roadshow