Best Treadmill in Malaysia (2021 Review)

Although gyms in Malaysia have reopened, between the traffic jams, crowd, and the risk of contracting COVID 19, it is understandable for Malaysians to prefer avoiding areas such as a public gym. However, your personal fitness is still non-negotiable, especially during a pandemic where it is important for you to keep your health levels in … Read more

Best Water Pump in Malaysia 2021

Low water pressure is a common problem faced by many homes in Malaysia, especially those who live in old, landed terrace houses. Having low water pressure is very stressful to deal with and makes it almost impossible to enjoy a quick shower after a long day at work. With the increasing population in Malaysia, this … Read more

Best Water Filter in Malaysia 2021

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Best Gaming Laptop Malaysia [Awesome Price 2021]

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Best Android TV boxes in Malaysia [2021]

In this day and age, we have plainly advanced past the need for dedicated satellite television. We are looking at Astro and the like with their never-changing networks and sparse portfolio of shows. Chances are your favourite drama, movie or anime would not even pop up before they become old news, what more, your leisure … Read more